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The Vila Verde Resort is a 4 star Tourist Resort, located in Ponta Preta, near the city of Santa Maria, Sal Island, Cape Verde.

It consists of 61 units for commercial / services use and 1086 apartments of various sizes, 81 villas and 96 townhouses, allowing an accommodation capacity of 4,442 beds.

With an area of 46 hectares, 11 of which are green areas, and representing an investment of approximately 150 million euros, it is one of the biggest, if not the largest, private investment of its kind ever built in Cape Verde. The Resort is organised into 13 condominiums which include, in total, 26 pools, 13 children’s playgrounds, 13 pool bars and 106 lifts.

The Vila Verde Resort, also known for its spacious interior and exterior areas, prime finishes and equipment of high quality and taste, is indisputably a project of undeniable social and economic impact for the business potential it represents, as well as the capacity for employment that it can generate.

Communities and Condominiums

The Vila Verde Resort is organized into 13 Condominiums, 8 Communities of Villas and Townhouses and one General Condominium covering the whole Resort.

"Tourist Development is the core business of the Group. It was established as the aspect that brings greater economic and financial flow, and it provides a higher level of visibility and internationalisation to the whole Project."